My girl. 🙌🏻


Growing up as a middle child (the loser of the all sibling situations possible), sensitive, introverted, and very cautious in making decisions, I found myself tumbled through life like I was part of the laundry.

I’d say yes even if everything inside me said no. My need to make everyone around me happy slowly and steadily stole all happiness from me. It made all color grey and all – every and any – decision scary.

You might think this is really dumb. If you’re really independent, anything extroverted, or have no issues with decisions then I applaud you. Honestly. You are what I wish I could be. There have been significant moments for me where I wish I could throw off any introverted reality that my brains sets in and be as bold and brilliant as I want to be. But that’s not me. That’s not who I am in my…

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