Photo by: Alicia Wiley Photography

Kayla.  Believer in Christ.  INFJ.  6w5. Open book, empty pages.  Oldest child.  1 of 3, but still one of a kind.

Originally from Hawaii, currently in Maryland, and married to a Canadian… Figure that one out. Also, a proud post-resident of the PNW. 🌿

I don’t like long walks on the beach.  I find that sand makes for uneven footing. Speaking of sand and sea, everything I write must be taken with a grain of salt. Also, with the predisposition and predilection of the existence of God.

Also, I really like the word “also.”

My writing style is usually pretty conversational. I write like I speak, so expect short paragraphs that read like one giant run-on sentence. I love me some Oxford comma, so, don’t be surprised if I abuse that thing.

If you want to start an intelligent conversation, reach me at