Think Tank.

Everyone needs a little help now and then… meet my cohorts in inspiration.


Daniel Fuoco • ESFJ • “I’m the conductor of a grand symphony and you’re still playing the xylophone in high school.”


Tabatha Schmabatha • anti-MBTI • 


Abigail Stetson  • ENFP • 


Julie Vogel • INFP • “Tender is the one that takes the highest flight- called pure, and redeemed, lives free, is made right. Free from what’s known to keep a daughter down, buried in a heap, sorrowed in a frown. Heaps of shameful, painful glares, but who stands a chance against a brilliant, flying heir? Stay tender.”


Jared Whipple • INTJ • “Either they’re angels, or masquerading as angels, or becoming angels.”
(When discussing ENFP’s)