5 Stages of INFJ Stress Levels

Hard day? Here’s how your typical INFJ friend (or foe) will deal with or exhibit extreme to moderate stress.

Stage 1 – Ruffled: I lose my train of thought. My words come out huffy and bumbled. I get a little hot and mad that I’m sounding semi-incoherent. My face may flush.

Stage 2 – Frazzled: My desk is messy. Or maybe it’s my car. Or, my closet. Some place in my bedroom. My bed is unmade. I have this nagging feeling that something is undone or unchecked. I’m slightly less patient than normal and slightly sharper with my words. My hair is somewhat out of place. I’m hurrying a little bit more than usual.

Stage 3 – Stressed: I’m behind on my chores. Behind on my paperwork. Behind on everything. I’ve got headaches, or back pain. My stress is internalized and it’s manifesting physically. I’m tired. There’s no hiding my shortness of temper now. I’m cross and it shows.

Stage 4 – Really Stressed: I’m exhausted. I’m in bed. I’m overtly and overly sensitive. I’m either not talking to you, crying and immobile or I’m tearing you to shreds with my unguarded, obviously angry words. I’m putting off everything I need to do, in denial of the impending due date. In exchange, I’m neat-freak-cleaning at 2 am, organizing shoes and doing all the little things I’ve been putting off for months. I’m in super “DON’T TOUCH THAT” mode. Don’t touch that. Don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. Don’t breathe too loudly. Why are you breathing the same air as I am? Go. A. Way.

Stage 5 – My Whole World is Ending: Total internal/external destruction. My guard is down. My hair is down. My altruistic nature has calloused and my heart is seared. My intensity has become my propensity and my once empathetic spirit has ceased to exist. At this point, I honestly couldn’t care less. I’m indulging in every immoral pleasure that this world has to offer, consequences be damned and it makes me sick to my stomach. This INFJ will combust in 5… 4… 3… 2… 💥.

And the world is worse off for it.

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