Yet Another List On How Not To Waste Your 20’s

  1. Consider God – Life is hard and living is messy. In order for any of this life and love stuff to work, you need a healthy, vibrant relationship with the Creator of the human heart. The best way to find out how to fix a watch? Ask the Maker. Tick-tock, pal.
  2. Don’t Squander Your Time – After all the career building, laundry washing, and dinner making vying for your time, invest what’s left over into making some serious life goals. You’ll never have more time on your hands than you do now, to do the things you’ve always wanted to. On the opposite side of that coin...
  3. Do Nothing – You will never have as much free time or “you” time as you have now. Unplug. Disconnect. Have a Bruno Mars day. 
  4. Travel – Single people. There will never be another period of your life where you can get up and go with no strings attached and nothing holding you back. (Sans retirement!) Forego the usual before work lattes, and put that cash toward Thailand, or Bali.  If you can’t afford to travel…
  5. Save, Save, Save – Living is expensive. Offset the fear of future financial duress by preparing now. Many a relationship has met its end over finances… Or, lack thereof. Not in a relationship? Prepare now. It’s never too early. 
  6. Get Over Yourself (and out of your comfort zone!) – Volunteer. Join a club. See a play. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before and do something you’ve never done. Shake your life up. Get uncomfortable. Speaking of discomfort…
  7. Soul Search – Check yourself. Ask yourself the uncomfortable questions.  How stable are you emotionally? What parts of you still require significant work? Are you lonely? Decide if you’re even ready for a relationship, and do so with the peace of mind that your decision (either way) won’t hurt anybody.
  8. Go on a Date – When did a first date become the step before wedding dress shopping? A phone call is not the equivalent of an “I do.” If you think you’re ready, go for it! Every great relationship began with a rudimentary greeting. But, please. For the sake of all hearts involved, make sure you’re ready and keep your hands to yourself. If you don’t think you can manage that, revisit number 7.
  9. Develop Yourself – Become comfortable with yourself and who you are… then become who you want to be.

There you have it. Yet another list on how not to waste your 20’s, and my last minute attempt to maintain consistency in posting something once every week. Enjoy!

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