How To Have Faith on November 9th

I contemplated whether or not to post anything this Writing Wednesday, if only for fear that anything I wrote would be swept up into the angrily tumultuous world that is our current cyberspace, or dismissed as repetitive or irrelevant.

Post after post of disturbingly depraved, candid remarks regarding last night’s election litter the earth, as America recovers from the shock that November 8th brought to us all. The votes are in, the people have spoken, and regardless of the result, they haven’t stopped speaking.

This is our new normal. And, it’s disgusting.

Atheist, Evangelical, black, white, male, female, everyone is exercising their right to speak freely… at the expense of others’ freedoms, biblical wisdom or civil peace. Many applaud the candor, as they clutch their hurtful words, brandishing them as a badge, crying, “This is my right!”

I would contend that there is nothing right about speaking evil. There is a responsibility that comes with license, and that responsibility is there to protect the many we will hurt without it.

While I am neither politically savvy, or even an outspoken 18-25 millennial, I am a firm believer in all things good and kind. More than that, I am believer and follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ. That being said, here’s how to have faith on Wednesday, November 9th:

The same way we’ve had faith every single day before.

Circumstances shift and change. People do and say terrible, awful things. Leaders rise and fall according to, or against social and personal agendas. Still, there is a Power greater than even our American superpower, and He is not removed from or surprised by this outcome.

We make jokes because tensions are rising and we don’t want to think about the potential ramifications this election will have on our country. We argue, because when we attack, we don’t feel so powerless against the uncontrollable changes taking place that make us feel defenseless. We demean and debase those who oppose what we believe, because we feel and believe so strongly, and can’t fathom how anyone decent or sensible could disagree.

The night wore on and the sun still rose, and here we stand on the dawn of our new America.

Christian, the sun is up because God said it would be… not because Barack Obama did. We are living in the days of history. The 2016 Election is over, and regardless of who you voted for, we must live with the aftermath. Do not think for a second that we are living at it’s mercy. President Elect Trump is not America’s salvation, nor is Hillary Clinton the devil incarnate. They are different characters in the same story that was being written long before either of them ever graced the pages.

Friends, take heart. And, have a heart.

God bless America.

One response to “How To Have Faith on November 9th”

  1. Absolutely inspiring and excellent. Love you Kayla and I have faith I our God.

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