Why “Kayfromhome”?

I’ve been asked a few times, why “Kayfromhome” as a blog name? What does it mean?

First of all, let me start by saying that my favorite place in the whole wide world is home.

That being said. Where is “home” for me?

Young girl: born in Hawaii, who went to college in Massachusetts, who’s living in Washington, and is moving to Maryland.

Where is home located for the vagabonds and those whose hearts were simply born restless?
Home is where the nest is, and I am a classic nester. I love taking a space, filling it with all of my favorite things and making it nice and cozy. I firmly believe that every bed should have no less than 4 pillows on it at all times, something edible or sippable must always be within an arms reach, and nuzzling is as therapeutic for grown-ups as it is for animals and babies.

Home is the place where you can go to breathe. My legs can breathe, because you don’t have to wear pants when you’re at home. My face can breathe, because you don’t gunk it up with stuff when you’re planning on staying home. My soul can breathe, because you only invite the people that you really, really like into your home. Well… Usually.

Home is where your guard goes down, your feet go up and your mind goes haywire. I do my very best thinking, and my very best writing from the comfort of my home.

As for Kay, that’s pretty easy. Only my very close friends call me “Kay.” (Except for Shalen. She calls me often.)

There you have it. The origin story of how Kayfromhome was brought to life.

Also, Carlainfullbloom was already taken.

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