Oppose HB1533: Relating to Prostitution

My dear Hawaii people –
Recently, a bill was introduced by House Speaker Rep. Joe Souki on behalf of “another party.” That bill, HB1533, or, the Legal Pimping Bill, will do several things.

If passed into law, this measure will:

  1. Make it legal for pimp-traffickers to sell adult women for sex
  2. Make it legal again for police to sleep with prostituted persons while on duty
  3. Make it legal for Johns to pay for sex with a victim of sex trafficking
  4. Remove criminal penalties for repeat offenders (Johns)
  5. Legalize sex tourism
  6. Create serious obstacles in finding adult and child victims of sex trafficking to come forward
The official description of HB1533 is that it “repeals the penalties for consensual adult prostitution and promotion of adult prostitution. It vacates convictions for conduct that is decriminalized and permits vacating convictions when defendant has no criminal convictions in the preceding three years.” Read the official bill here.
Meaning, it removes consequence and convictions for buying sex as a commodity, as long as the sex being sold is deemed consensual. Being “born and raised Big Island,” I have a deep sense of pride for my home. I know it’s our shared desire to protect it at all costs.
Here’s how you can help…

The Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS – http://www.passhawaii.org/) and their allies respectfully ask you to do one or all of the following:

CALL the members of the House Judiciary (JUD) Committee and kindly ask them, if HB1533 is scheduled, to vote NO on passing it.

If you cannot call every member on JUD, just call the JUD Chair, Rep. Scott Nishimoto (District 21 Kapahulu, Moilili, McCully). If you cannot reach the reps when you call, you may leave a message.


Aloha, my name is _______. I respectfully ask you to oppose HB1533 Relating to Prostitution, if this bill is scheduled for a hearing. It will increase violent crimes against women and legalize pimping and buying women for sex. If you would like specifics, please contact the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery or Af3irm Hawaii. Thank you for your time.
PHONE NUMBERS – House Judiciary Committee Members:
  • Rep. Scott Nishimoto, Chair
    House District 21
    Room 421
    repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.go v
  • Joy A. San Buenaventura, Vice Chair
    House District 4
    Room 302
    repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.haw aii.gov
  • Della Au Belatti
    House District 24
    Room 402
  • Tom Brower
    House District 22
    Room 315
  • Aaron Ling Johansson
    House District 31
    Room 426
  • Chris Lee
    House District 51
    Room 436
  • Dee Morikawa
    House District 16
    Room 442
  • Mark Nakashima
    House District 1 (Hilo)
    Room 406
    repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.go v
  • Marcus Oshiro
    House District 46
    Room 424
  • Bob McDermott
    House District 40
    Room 330
    repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.go v
  • Cynthia Thielin
    House District 50
    Room 443
Or, EMAIL JUD Members (copy and paste):
repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.go v, repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.haw aii.gov, repbelatti@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repbrower@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repjohanson@Capitol.hawaii.gov , replee@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repmorikawa@Capitol.hawaii.gov , repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.go v, repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.go v, repthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Friends, these women are our na wahine, and need our protection. Plain and simple: legal, or not… women should never, ever be bought or sold. Please, join me in rallying against this abusive attempt to increase crimes against women. Thank you.

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