Daniel + Kayla, sitting in a tree

So, I’m engaged.

You can’t tell this virtually, but right now I’m pausing for applause… and to give my grand-childless mother the opportunity to stop her wild, jubilant weeping.

I didn’t know whether or not I should do an “engagement post,” because:

a) most of the engagement announcement blogs I’ve seen are incredibly cheesy, and

b) it’s still pretty much a dream right now. 

I know what you’re thinking.  ‘Kayla. You moved across the country to live near this guy.  Wasn’t it pretty obvious that he was planning to propose?’

My answer to you would be that you obviously don’t know me, my imagination, or the capacity for brattiness that I possess.  It’s frightful, really.  But, I digress. 

From long-distance, to long-term: next Spring (God willing!) I get to marry the Great Love of my Life.  

Me.  Married.  


Two years ago, whilst I was penning How to Win at Being Single, I couldn’t have imagined where time would take me.  Though, I reckon where God’s hand is involved one often finds the gift of surprise.

And, surprised I was.  (Am?)  Surprised that I get to marry the most self-sacrificial man I have ever known.  Surprised that I get to marry the kindest, most gentle and thoughtful guy to have ever waltzed across the stage of my life.  Surprised, on all accounts, that he chose me.  Me.  Inexperienced, unworthy and undeserving me.  Tantrum-throwing, glory-seeking, self-satisfying me.  Not because I “wasn’t looking,” or because I had “finally found satisfaction in myself and my relationship with the Lord.”  Neither of which were entirely true.  

But because even in my wicked, selfish, faithless sin, the Sovereign God of the universe loves me.  He looks out for me.  And in His loving kindness and great mercy, He gave me the opportunity and the grace to pursue something good… with a man who has patience enough to let me figure all that out. 

Let me brag on my fiancé for a moment.  I have never known anyone so giving of himself; always willing to drop everything and come to my aid.  I have never known anyone so full of seemingly unending hope, genuine faith and unequivocal light.  

I have never been known so deeply, and yet, still completely accepted and absolutely adored.  

Love that is reflective of God’s love must be barefaced and blatant; unabashed and unashamed.  Knowledgable of all I am and all I am capable of, for good and bad… And love anyway.  It’s a freeing, not a binding kind of love.  It is a love that doesn’t encourage the loved to take liberties, rather, it inspires the desire to protect the very pureness of it.  A desire to keep your hands and heart (and nose!) clean, so that you’ll never taint or stain it. 

I know the incomparable love of God, because of the steady love of a man, who could never love me so well on his own. 

So, friends.  Consider this my highly elaborate, long winded engagement announcement.  I can assure you, absolutely zero cheese was used in its making. 

Until next time. 

One response to “Daniel + Kayla, sitting in a tree”

  1. I love this if only for the fact that you spelled “fiancé” properly. That is something I am always pleading for with newly engaged people.

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