When did we stop sharing news and start sharing bias?

I’m a hardheaded woman. I don’t really care for people telling me what to believe and what to do. I wouldn’t say it’s an authority problem per se, but I typically like to know all the facts before making a decision. And I prefer not to have my decisions made for me.

When the story broke about the Covington Catholic School boys, I held my tongue. Looking back, it may have been wisdom, but at the time I was annoyed because I knew I was being presented yet another story with little to no facts. How is it that we consistently get these things so wrong? When did we stop sharing news and start sharing bias?

My current frustration with the media and politics stems not from the state that they are in, but from the state I am in. I am frustrated at not being educated and informed enough to come to rational conclusions about current events because I don’t know where to get truth from. Actual unbiased, unbent, non-opinionated facts. Not leftist facts or right-wing facts—just the news. Reported as it happened, not as it was interpreted.

I work a full-time job. I have hobbies and passions and a social life. (Gasp! An introvert with a social life, God forbid.) I don’t have TIME to chase every Current Event Bunny down every rabbit hole to choke him out and demand he tell me whether or not he’s telling the truth.

I don’t know about you, but I have news fatigue. Kavanaugh. Covington. March For Life. Venezuela. New York City. Women’s rights. AOC. I am overwhelmed and overloaded by all of the things I am supposed to be mad about, or sad about, or mobilized over. This feeling of overstimulation hinders me. It restricts me.

Do I turn off the news and remain ignorant, but at peace? Or do I choke it down and work through the weeds; trying to make heads or tails of the tales I’m told, while also trying to remain untainted by someone else’s agenda?

I don’t know how anyone does it without the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When everything around me screams “Fake News,” I know that I can center myself by and around one solid truth. God’s truth. The truth that God so loved this burning mess of a world, that He gave His only Son Jesus to hang for it. The truth that one day, that Son is coming back to right every wrong and demolish death and destruction. The truth that things may be bad and getting worse, but God has not forgotten His children and He has not lost control.

And those that find themselves in Him, find rest and peace that the world can never offer.

I have no answers for some of the questions that I ask, and that frustrates me. Still, I know that when I am pressed on every side, I need not be crushed. And though I am perplexed, I have no need of despair. I have hope for humanity. I believe that in the face of all of this, a remnant will arise.

That’s a fact.

One response to “When did we stop sharing news and start sharing bias?”

  1. my thoughts precisely.

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