6 Feet Apart

If you had told me 7 weeks ago that the next time I would be “all together” with my church family would be 6 feet apart in a parking lot, I would have thought you were barking mad.

If I had known that the last Sunday was gonna be the last Sunday, I would have stayed a little longer. I would have sang a little louder. I would have sought out more people during the greeting time.

I wouldn’t have dragged my feet, or buried my head in my phone. I would have hugged and hugged harder.

I am thankful for Online Church, and Drive-In Church and church outside the walls. But I miss the gathered body. I miss the centrally located, in-the-same-room, all together in one place body.

This time of physical isolation has opened my eyes to see past cobwebs of the familiar and routine; to see how beautiful and special the ordinary Sunday service really was. The next time we’re together, and I mean really, really together… I’m not taking that for granted.

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