Newest New Beginnings

Hello obscure, perhaps even imaginary virtual reader.  My name is Kay.  Welcome to the newest of my new beginnings.

I don’t know what it is about the “turn of the century” events in my personal life that oftentimes spur me on to write, but here I am again.  Creating a new blog to mark the start of my newly graduated life. 

May 11, 2013.  That would be the day that I graduated from Northpoint Bible College (formerly Zion Bible College) with my bachelors degree in Bible Theology and Christian Education.  College for me was like one big game of hurry up and wait, being that I have no immediate plan for my near future.

All I have is a gut feeling, a deep desire to do the right thing, and a vague understanding of God’s general direction.

That current direction being south, then west, then straight on ’til home.  Home, being the teeny, tiny, little state of Hawaii.

I suppose that if I had a plan, it would be a fast and loose one.  It would more than likely be spending the next year or two doing… Well, something.  Something not sucky.  Preferably for money. 
(I imagine my mentor Steph cringing from 5,000 miles away as I type this.)

Whatever I end up doing, I know I’ll do it sincerely.  And hopefully by then, the rest of my heart will have arrived from where I left it over in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

More on functioning with half a heart when we next meet again.

Until next time.

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