Why WordPress?

Hello again. 

I felt the need to clarify something.

For any of you that may have read anything that I have written before, the question may have arisen… Why WordPress?  Why not Tumblr like you’ve been doing for the last, I don’t know, forever?

I chose WordPress for three simple reasons.

Reason 1)  Tumblr is very much the Myspace of blogging.  Yeah, sure, you can post a bunch of really neat photos and call it “blogging,” but I’d really rather read a paragraph or two about your thoughts on said photo.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but those words are worthless if I don’t know what you’re saying.

Reason 2)  Tumblr creates this beautiful, aesthetically pleasing world of imagination which plays up, on and towards one’s dreams, hopes, desires and ambitions.  This is great.  But it’s also dangerous for a single, young, 23 year old girl who sometimes gets distracted from real life by the idea of Prince Charming and his white horse.  Or, preferably, Jess Mariano and his beat up, piece of junk car. 

Reason 3)  The time for building on the past and playing at words is done.  I’d like to try something a little different than the same old ambiguous, equivocal, enigmatic poetry type writing, with its thinly veiled insults all shrouded in mysteriously hidden meaning. 
Not that I could ever do away with that entirely—theatrical, dramatic child that I am.  But I would like to become more serious with what I have to say.

Less cryptic, more practical.

Let the games begin.

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