Coffee Shop Awakening

So many great realizations come in coffee shops.  Realizations revolving around life, love, hope, helplessness and happiness…  And sometimes, occasionally, even about coffee.

I was sitting in Starbucks late this afternoon when I became incredibly aware that I was home again.  After four years away (four years that might as well have been a life time!) it seems to me that nothing in this little town has changed except for the faces. And maybe me.

I’d hate to think that I’m going backwards by coming home.  I’ve invested too much time and tears and effort into becoming who I believe that God is asking me to be.  I’ve done and seen and been through too much to come to a place where time stands still, and people stagnate. 

I wonder.
What is He up to?
What is He playing at, the Great, All-knowing Lord of my life and eye in the sky?
What pattern is He weaving and purpose is He positioning me for, that He’s requiring me to be in a place like this? At a time like this?
What’s with the mystery and why return to what should be history?
Was there something that I missed that I should have learned before, or do I actually have something to offer this groundhog-less day? (I hope you get that reference reader.)

So many questions, and no clear cut answer.  Unanswered questions are recipe for bad blogging.  But I suppose that the unanswered question is a head taller and a heck of a lot better than the unasked one.

Until next time.

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