I don’t regret growing up non-Christian

I don’t regret growing up non-Christian.

I make no excuses for my previous lack of faith in God, or for my salvation story, because God has always known the narrative of my life.  He foresaw my choice to accept His free gift.  After all… He had chosen me before I knew there was a choice to be made.

I am a culmination of my choices and life experiences, and I am exactly who I need to be for this time in my life. I make no apologies for the mistakes I’ve made.  Not because I’m proud to have made them, but, because I could only do the best I knew how.

I believe that when God says He makes all things new He makes good on His word.  That means I am not a second-rate saint.  I’m equally a child, equally justified and equally as depraved as the greatest of saints.

I don’t regret growing up non-Christian, because our sovereign God doesn’t make mistakes.

When you commit yourself to Christ later in life, there’s the temptation to hide the past: The “Before” years.  To hide the things we’ve done, the people we used to be and the places we’ve come from.  The trouble with that is if you’re not 100% honest about yourself and your situation, God doesn’t get all the glory he’s due for saving you.

If we’re not honest with ourselves, we never truly learn the height of his compassion, the depth of his love, or the length of his grace.  If we’re not honest with others, they’ll never believe that He’ll go as far as their own sin and darkness.

I boast in my weakness, not because I take pride in who I’ve been, or what I’ve done.  I’m not so proud of where I’ve been, so much as I am proud of how far He went to reach me… And how far He’s taken me since.

So, I don’t regret growing up non-Christian.  Because, like the sinful woman I’ve been forgiven much.  And those who have been forgiven much… Love much.

And, I love very much.  (Or, beacoup, beacoup as my beau would say!)

I don’t regret growing up non-Christian.  Even after everything I’ve done, and even after everywhere I’ve been.  In fact, I never regret the things that came before (and neither should you!) because what’s come now is beautiful.

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