PSA: 2 Weeks Out

This is a public service announcement that I am getting married in TWO WEEKS.

So, I apologize for the unintentional hiatus.  To make up for my absence… An update.

Some Current Events:

  1. I’m almost all the way in to my new apartment!  You know, except for the living there full time part.  Loving shout out to my host home for dealing with my all-hours of the day schedules, and my inability to stay put.
  2. My island is under natural attack.  Apparently, the Big Island of Hawaii has contracted an awful auto-immune disease, because it’s attacking itself.  Molten lava is spewing from the streets, and overwhelming homes and cars.  At least 1,700 people have been displaced.  Please pray if you can think of it.
  3. Shout out to my international wedding planning committee! Nothing like having a future sister-in-law working on favors in Canada, a forever friend booking a makeup artist from Italy, and a Maid-of-honor planning the bachelorette from Hawaii! (Because, let’s be honest… Hawaii is practically international.)
  4. I’ve started a new skin care regimen.  I’m now using Clarisonic Skin Illuminating Cleanser, which does wonders for my hyperpigmentation. (Asian probs.)  I’ve also got some Ole Henriksen Power Peel samples 🙌🏻 that I’m dying to try out long-term.  Here’s to having fresh-face forever. ✌🏻️

Now that you’re all updated and involved, stay tuned for more fun news about—

  • Learning how to fight fair
  • Fear
  • The incongruity of blind faith
  • And other things that are raw and relatable

Until then, I’ll be over here counting the days ’til, “I do.”

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