I meant to be thinner for my wedding. 

I meant to be thinner for my wedding.  I was going to start working out 6 months before, because I was going to have a killer body for the honeymoon. 

I meant to DIY more things, instead of buying everything last minute. 

I meant to be more involved, instead of pushing everything off on someone else. 

I meant to write my vows months in advance, instead of writing them the morning of. 

I had planned to be prepared so I could wow and dazzle as a host, instead of slapping together a brunch and calling it “entertaining.”

I had so many plans so that things would be perfect, and wouldn’t you believe that things didn’t quite come together like I had imagined?

Unfortunately, life got in the way and time was never on my side.  

Instead of becoming discouraged, I learned to take a deep breath and own it.  I made a conscious decision not to take myself so seriously.  Next to nothing in life happens exactly as we hope, so what would make me think that my wedding day would be the one exception?

I’m glad I did. 

Because on the day of our wedding, we lost our aisle runner.  I spent my last minutes as a single woman sitting on a folding chair in the nursery of my local church.  There were points when music was late or too loud.  I stumbled over the words of my vows, and my husband forgot the words to his song. 

We had chick-fil-a iced tea and a pretzel for communion, because we forgot to buy the bread and juice.  

But, it was all okay.  

And, at the end of the day, no one cared.  Not even me.  Because, none of it really mattered.  Because, we were still married. 

Because, we were man and wife.  

And, it was awesome. 

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