Hello, New Year

I’m not typically a New Year resolutions kind of girl, but 2020 sure feels like a clean sheet of white paper just waiting to be doodled on.

30 years alive. 4 decades. 2 centuries. Many days filled with drama, joy and intrigue fit together like LEGO pieces, building a life so rich and full that words fail to describe it.

In my 30 years on earth, I have learned that good things can happen to bad people, and thank God, because I am the greatest of all sinners.

I have learned that God loves me, but He also likes me. And I get to have good things too… even when I’m determined to push them off.

I have seen that life doesn’t always turn out the way you hope, but better, because God’s big plans outsize our teeny, tiny, human imaginations.

I have seen tears from fear, failure, loneliness and severe disappointment water stubborn seeds of newest new beginnings. I have watched with bated breath as those seeds flowered into bright and shiny seasons of contentment, joy and genuine excitement for the future.

I gaze in pure wonder and delight, marveling at how God plucked a little, nobody girl from the middle of the Pacific Ocean and brought her clear across the country to do great things in Jesus’ name.

I know I have won every line on my face and scar on my body (and heart!). I have gained well-earned wisdom and I have lost only what never belonged to me anyway.

This year I resolve to celebrate God’s goodness as often and as loudly as I can… for as long as I can. Oh. And I resolve to “write more.” (Insert eye roll here)

May 2020 be the year of new heart songs.

One response to “Hello, New Year”

  1. What a great way to start the year! Thank you for reminding me of God’s faithfulness. 2019 was a year to remember for me, it was a time when I went through a season of purging and pruning as I embraced my calling to become a youth worship pastor. More to come, more to lose. Let Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven!

    Happy new year!

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